Eclipse AI rated #1 in Proactive Customer Retention for SMEs by G2®
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Improved Customer Satisfaction & positive online reviews with increased cross-selling and upselling

Enhanced service quality & provided more consistent customer experience and higher customer retention 

Achieved consistent level of service quality, repeat bookings & higher levels of customer loyalty

Eclipse AI helps an Online Marketplace increased transactions by 13%

Eclipse AI Helps an Online Insurance company improve NPS by 67%, Policy Renewal Rate by 18% 

Eclipse AI Helps Online Retailer boost customer retention by 11%

Eclipse AI Helps a B2B FinTech company reduce ticket backlog and improve customer retention

Eclipse AI Helps a B2B SaaS company improve customer retention by 10% and lower CAC by 7%

Eclipse AI Helps a Service Provider reduce customer churn by 42% and increase referrals by 16%

Eclipse AI rated 'High Performer' by G2® for Proactive Customer Retention


Rated #1 for Ease of Use


Rated #1 for Quality of Support

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Our voc data is all over the place, we have zendesk, we have nps in SurveyMonkey, we have different social media channels, and on top of that there are all those review websites. There are so many different sources of VoC and with the limited resources we have, it is very difficult and very manual for us to collate everything together. By collating and analysing our VoC data, Eclipse AI helps us automate all of that and makes our life easier.

Chief Executive Officer
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Our business has 730 locations, each with its own Google My Business Review page, it’s a challenge for us to analyse individual pages and unify data from customer surveys, reviews, calls and emails to identify what’s working and what’s not. Eclipse AI helped us unify all that voice of customer data into one easy platform. It also does the analysis for us and provides us with regular data-driven improvement insights.
Franchise Administrator
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Monitoring customer interactions from over 850+ individual locations was a big hassle for our team, not to mention the time it took to analyse all that data from different channels like surveys, reviews, calls, emails, support tickets and chats. Eclipse AI helps us unify voice-of-customer data from different channels and provides us a holistic view of 850+ locations in one platform. We use this view to identify performance issues at various locations and implement targeted improvement plans that help ensure consistency in Customer Experience.

Chief Customer Officer

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Turn siloed customer interactions into retention and revenue intelligence

Eclipse AI consolidates and analyzes omnichannel voice of customer data across different channels. Providing visibility, insights and actionable intelligence to drive revenue and growth.

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